Level 0 Home

Welcome to our collection of level 0 lessons. In this area of the site you will learn the absolute basics of drum kit playinc, focusing on basic groove and fill construction. You can navigate this area using the menu bar above and listed below are our most recent and most popular lessons.

For each topic lessons are split into various categories for ease of viewing. Within each lesson you are given tasks to ensure you are practising efficiently and ideas for related lessons are also provided. Below I have outlined what you will learn in each section.


At this level grooves are as basic as they can get. You will learn what grooves are and why they are used along with various methods of reading notation and will cover simple one bar patterns made of crotchets and quavers using the kick, snare and hi hat. You will then progress to moving the right hand around various different voices and some practical examples using extracts from famous songs will be provided.


As with grooves, fills at this level will be very simple and have the intention of getting you playing simple patterns quickly. The main focus will be constructing various lengths of fill using quavers and semi quavers that will all be basic rolls around the kit. You will also learn about what a fill is and why they are used.


In this section you will learn all about constructing musical patterns that combine grooves and fills. It is a collection of two or four bar exercises that focus on the ability to switch from groove to fill without breaking timing. These ideas will lead on to more complex parts that will be used to build up to writing and learning songs.

If you have questions about any lessons in this collection or have ideas for things to add please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..