Drum Transcription Help and Guides

Drum kit notation can seem a bit daunting at first but infact it is quite straightforward to read. There are two main aspects that you will need to focus on: Rhythm and Voicing. There are many places you can learn about this and these are listed below.

PDF Drum Notation Guide - a guide to where the parts of the drum kit / drum set are written and easy steps on how to read drum music. If you have questions, need help or need additional drumming instructional resources please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..This file is regularly updated.

The above PDF is expanded on over three separate lessons. One focusing on Drums, one on Cymbals and one on Percussion.

Note Values Overview - A PDF containing a brief overview of note values and different note heads.

There is a whole section talking about different note values and how to count them available for free Here

Structure Markings Abbreviation Guide - Structure markings within the scores have been abbreviated. Please refer to this PDF guide if you are unsure as to what they mean.

There is also a free article on structure markings available Here.

Wikipedia has a useful page on drum set notation. You can find that here.

Norman Weinburg has written a very helpful book called A Guide To Standardized Drum Kit Notation.

The Percussive Arts Society has some very useful information on standard drum kit notation.