RLRLFL Six Note Grouping Sticking Pattern

A six note pattern that breaks up a single stroke roll with a kick on the 5th count. This exercise is shown across several different rhythms.

In this lesson I will show another hand to foot pattern that is very useful as an exercise in 'separating' your hands and feet and is also a great 'building block' for fill construction. This time you will be using a six note pattern that is a straight run of single stroke roll with the 5th note played on a foot.

As with similar lessons, there isn't a lot to the exercises presented on this page, you will just be learning it in various forms in preparation to apply the part to fill construction. Spend a lot of time making sure the kick is falling exactly in place then work on pushing the tempo. Our Hand/Foot Independance Exercise will be incredibly useful for sorting out the foot placement here.

This sticking pattern is quite versatile and can be applied over many different rhythms and time signatures easily. I have shown some examples of this below, a note is included with each example to explain what is happening.

Example 1

The pattern played in 4/4 as eighth note triplets. This is a slower versions of the full part to help get you used to the sticking movement.

The exercise as eighth note triplets

Example 2

The pattern played in 4/4 as Sextuplets.

The exercise as sextuplets

Example 3

The sticking syncopated over 4/4 sixteenth notes. This could be extended over multiplet bars.

The exercise syncopated in 4/4

Example 4

As simple eighth notes in 3/4.

The exercise as eighth notes in 3/4

Example 4

As sixteenth notes in 6/8.

The exercise as sixteenth notes in 6/8


  1. Using the 2 minute rule, get the exercises up to a tempo of at least 110bpm.
  2. Experiment with orchestrating the parts.
  3. Try adding a left foot count. This will increase the co ordination challenge drastically.
  4. Add this short pattern into your fills.