Sticking For The Flam Accent

A rudiment used a rhythmic decoration that involves one hand playing slightly before the other.

A Flam Accent is a development of the Flam and can be thought of as the Eighth Note Triplet version of the Flam Tap. This rudiment is built of a bar of eighth note triplets and you will be adding a flam on every numbered count. The sticking here gets quite complex so be sure to start slowly and build the tempo up gradually.

The flam accent opens up some awesome ideas for grooves and fills and as an exercise, is great for pushing hand speed and stamina.

On each numbered count of the single stroke triplet you add a flam and the hand that plays this grace note alternates on each beat. Start playing the rudiment at and incredibly slow tempo to ensure you have the order of the hands correct before starting to push it higher. The rudiment is shown below in both its standard and reversed sticking.

Flam Accent – Standard Sticking

A Flam Accent in standard sticking.

Flam Accent – Reversed Sticking

A Flam Accent in standard sticking.


  1. Using the 2 minute rule, get all 6 exercises up to a tempo of 135bpm.
  2. Experiment with orchestrating the rudiment.
  3. Experiment with adding feet to the rudiment.
  4. Experiment with applying the rudiment to fills.