• '4 5 6' Exercise

    A broken down version of the '1234568' exercise to focus on hand speed and quintuplet use.

  • '4 6 8' Exercises

    A broken down version of the '1234568' exercise to focus more on pushing hand speed.

  • Quintuplets

    A note value that splits the beat into 5 equal parts, similar to the the triplet and sextuplet.

  • Rudiment Workout: 26-02-2021 (Two Bar 3/4 Quintuplets)

    In this level 3 rudiment workout lesson you will be learning a difficult exercise where blocks of five strokes are played as singles in the time signature of 3/4. This is built up over several steps starting with the straight snare version of the rudiment. This allows you focus on one element of the exercise at a time without things getting too complicated, giving you time to get your head around the unusual rhythm. The exercise allows you to develop all areas of playing making it a very useful all round exercise.

    The pack contains a PDF and 12 MP3s in a .zip file. This includes two MP3s of each step at multiple tempos and a version of the fully constructed exercise.

    The size of this pack is 8.1MB.