Paradiddle Diddle Groove In Swing Time

Playing a paradiddle groove with swung sixteenth notes.

In this lesson I will show you a variations of the basic paradiddle groove where all sixteenth notes are swung. This means that whenever you see two sixteenth notes they will be played as soxteenth note triplets with the middle stroke removed. At the bottom of the page there is a link to a more in depth lesson on this.

I'll start by showing you just the hands for these groove patterns. You will start with a paradiddle with the right hand on the hi hat and the left on the snare with counts 2 and 4 accented. This is all played with the new rhythm.

The cymbal part for a paradiddle groove


  1. Play this pattern as written until you can comfortably play it at around 110bpm. Use the two minute rule if necessary.

Full Groove Examples

Then you can just add kicks in wherever you like and you have a basic paradiddle groove in swing time. Some examples are shown below with various different orchestrations and rhythms.

Example 1

A full paradiddle groove

Example 2

A full paradiddle groove

Example 3

A full paradiddle groove

Example 4

A full paradiddle groove

Example 5

A full paradiddle groove

Example 6

A full paradiddle groove


  • Learn the 6 grooves given above. Aim for a tempo of around 120bpm.
  • Experiment with varying the orchestrations.