16th To 32nd Hand Speed Exercise With 32nds In The Middle Of A 3 Note Block

An exercise in 32nd note placement within a three note syncopated rhythm, very useful in fill construction.

In this lesson you will be decorating a three sixteenth note block with 32nd notes. The way you will be doing this is by doubling up the second note of the block, giving you a slower note followed by two quicker notes then another slower note. This will all be played in 4/4 creating a fast syncopated rhythm. This common movement is really useful in fill construction but is also a good way of working on hand speed and stamina.

There are multiple stickings you can use for this part and I will explore these below but let's start off with the base rhythm though. This is shown below in 6/8 as sixteenth notes first as this notation should be far more familiar to you.

The base rhythm for this part.

This is then applied in 4/4 over three eighth notes to give an idea of the syncopation.

The base syncopated rhythm for this part.

Spend some time familiarizing yourself with this simple movement and have a play around with some different sticking ideas.

Sticking 1

For the first sticking play the sixteenth note on a right then the add the 32nds with the left. This will be the same for each three note block of the rhythm.

A sticking concept for this movement

Sticking 2

A similar movement to the first exercise is used where all 32nds are played as doubles and all 16ths as singles.

A sticking concept for this movement

Sticking 3

In this version you alternate right to left all the way through.

A sticking concept for this movement


  • Using the 2 minute rule, aim to get the exercises up to a tempo of around 130bpm.
  • Work out which sticking is most comfortably for you.
  • Construct fills using this rhythmic concept.
  • Add feet to each version.