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Welcome to our collection of lessons on drum kit and music theory related subjects. Here you will find a wide variety of free online drum kit lessons and articles covering important topics that don't necessarily involve playing but help you understand the instrument (or collecton of instruments) you are playing, the techniques involved in playing it and how to read notation. This section is split into smaller sub-sections to help you find what you are after and I have given a brief description of what you will find in these sections below. You can also find a list of our most recent and most popular lessons below.

The Note Values section is obviously all about different rhythms, how they are written and how they are counted. Time Signatures, Rests, Ties, Dotted Notes and Swing Time are all covered here also.

The Notation section is all about how music for drum kit is written down. In here you will find a detailed description of where all parts of the kit are written then information on directions you find in sheet music such as Bar Lines, Repeat Marks, Accents, Tempo and many others.

In General Theory you will find everything that doesn't really fit in the previous two categories. This includes things like Structure, Dynamics, Sticking, Syncopation and more.

Theory Quizzes is a useful collection of tests to make sure you know all about a topic. Most quizzes are multiple choice and will show you which questions you got wrong at the end.

If you have questions about any lessons in this collection or have ideas for things to add please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..