Rudiment Workout: 13-05-2022 (Two Bar Syncopated Flamacue)



Alt. Folk

This level 4 rudiment workout lesson focuses on developing your hand stamina with a two bar exercise combining flams and single stroke fives. This is all played in 4/4 and is built up over several steps starting with the straight snare version of the rudiment. This allows you focus on one element of the exercise at a time without things getting too complicated which is useful here as the part gets really fast. While you are mostly focusing on hand stamina, you will actually be developing all areas of playing making it a great all round exercise.

The pack contains a PDF and 12 MP3s in a .zip file. This includes two MP3s of each step at multiple tempos and a version of the fully constructed exercise.

The size of this pack is 11.2MB.