Level 1 Home Menu

Welcome to our collection of level 1 lessons. In this area of the site you will be presented with ideas that expand on what you have learned in level 0. In the 'grooves' section you will learn several new ideas for construcing and varying groove patterns including simple changes to the right hand, syncopation and displacement, using different time signatures and more. With your fills you will be focusing on making more use of rhythm. I have provided a variety of exercises that will improve hand speed and stamina, your ability to use accents, independance and co ordination and more. New phrasing ideas are given to help you apply these new constuction methods to short musical sections and full pieces are also available to give you an idea of how to apply things practically. Finally, there are some quizzes to help test you knowledge of the more theoretical elements of this level.

You can find all of these categories of drumming in the menu bar above. For each category, lessons are split into various sub-categories for ease of viewing. Within each lesson you are given tasks to ensure you are practising efficiently and ideas for related lessons are also provided. A list of recently added and most popular level 1 lessons is given below also.

If you have questions about any lessons in this collection or have ideas for things to add please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..