What Are Concept Lessons?

A quick explanation of what concept lessons are.

In this article I will briefly discuss what I mean when I use the word 'concept' either in a lessons title or its explanation. I have already discussed an application of this in my Applying Groove Concepts article but this will be a very brief overview that will cover all types of lesson.

The idea of a 'concept' lesson is quite simple. The intention is that rather than just giving you set fills, grooves or exercises they give you an idea (or 'concept') that can be applied in several different ways to create many different parts. So from that one lesson you will get a large amount of new parts rather than just a couple.

In these kind of these lessons you will generally find a quick discussion of how to apply these parts as well as some written examples. The main aim of this is to push you to be more creative and try to come up with new parts yourself. It is always a good idea with these to sit and play and see how the part develops then maybe write down any new ideas you come up with that you like.

That is really all there is to it!