Double Paradiddle Groove

Build A groove from a double paradiddle in this step by step lesson.

This lesson obviously uses the Double Paradiddle so make sure you are familiar with the sticking. Ghost Notes are also used.

We are going to build a simple but complex sounding groove using the double paradiddle, ghost notes and accents. The groove will be build up in steps to make it easier to learn.

Part 1

Start off by orchestrating the double paradiddle with the right hand on the ride and left on the snare.

Double Paradiddle orchestration.

Part 2

Next add accents on all quarter note counts. Beats one and three will be a ride with the right hand, beats two and four a snare with the left.

Double Paradiddle orchestration with accents.

Part 3

Then turn all non accented snares in to ghost notes.

Double Paradiddle orchestration with accents and ghost notes.

Part 4

Finally add kick drums and beats 1 and 3.

A double paradiddle groove.

And that is a basic double paradiddle groove. Obviously there are many variations to this groove, which will be covered in later lessons, for now focus on getting this basic version of the groove up to a decent tempo with the ghost notes and accents at the right dynamic level.


  • Learn this groove up to a tempo of at least 100bpm.
  • Experiment with different kick combinations and hand orchestrations.