Basic Paradiddle Diddle Groove As Sixteenths In 6/8

Switching the time signature of the original paradiddle diddle groove.

In this lesson you will be creating another groove pattern built from the Paradiddle Diddle rudiment, this time as sixteenth notes in the time signature of 6/8. As with the original part, you will split the hands between the ride and hi hat and the back beat will be played on the snare, kicks are then placed under this. This will all be very similar to that first part but the challenge comes in switching to the compound time signature.

The Ride and Hi Hat

The cymbal part for this groove is shown below. So the right hand is placed on the ride with the left on the hi hat and the rudiment is played as normal.

The cymbal part for a paradiddle diddle groove

Adding Snares

A snare drum is added on count 3 to give the half time back beat feel. This falls on the first stroke of the second occurance of the rudiment.

Adding the snare to a paradiddle groove

Full Groove Examples

Then you can just add kicks in wherever you like and you have a basic half time paradiddle diddle groove. Some examples are shown below.

Example 1

A full paradiddle diddle groove

Example 2

A full paradiddle diddle groove

Example 3

A full paradiddle diddle groove

Example 4

A full paradiddle diddle groove

Example 5

A full paradiddle diddle groove


  • Learn the 5 grooves given above. Aim for a tempo of around 120bpm.
  • Experiment with varying the orchestration.