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Welcome to our collection of articles. Here you will find a wide variety of pages discussing topics relating to practicing, playing tips, in depth notation specifics and more. This section is split into smaller sub-sections to help you find what you are after and I have given a brief description of what you will find in these sections below. You can also find a list of our most recent and most popular articles below.

The Notation Articles section has some discussions on the finer points of notation. This isn't the place to learn about general drum kit notaion, it is more about very specific details that are a bit more interpretive and often leave readers confused as to why certain transcription choices have been made. This is an area I personally very much enjoy discussing so expect to see more here. Do feel free to email in ideas of things you'd like to see discussed in this section, all existing content here has come from user emails.

In Practical Articles you will find some discussions specific to actually playing the kit. This ranges from exam elements such as sight reading and improvisation to tips on how to apply lesson content to your playing.

Practice Tips has proved to be one of the most popular sections in our lessons area. This is a list of certain things I and other drumers I know do when practice to help make there sessions more productive.

If you have questions about any lessons in this collection or have ideas for things to add please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., we are very open to suggestions for content.