Groove Development: 28-09-2021 (Double Time With A Pushed Crash)

Building a double time groove with an accented offbeat crash.

In this lesson you will be learning a double time groove where the 'a' after count 2 is accented with a crash. This is built up over four steps where a new element of each rhythm is added to the part in each step. Breaking the part into this individual stepos allows you to focus on one part of the busy groove at a time without being overwhelmed with too much information.

In each step, a link to the original lesson on the concept applied is provided where appropriate, it would be worth sidetracking and working through these lessons if you get stuck or don't understand a particular step. If you are struggling, slow the part right down to get your note placement accurate. Accuracy is always more important than speed.

You can download a version of this lesson in PDF format. In this pack you also get a short example piece using the final groove as a basis along with audio files in MP3 format of all drum parts. This also includes a drumless version of the backing track for you to play a long to. On top of all of that all exercises have counting included, two extra modifications are made to the groove and all new changes to the groove are highlighted in red. You can purchase this for just $2 by clicking the button below.

NOTE that the file size of this pack is 11.6MB.

Step 1

We'll start out with a simple Double Time groove with the right hand on the hi hat. Spend some time making sure the Kicks and snares line up with the appropriate right hand.

A double time groove.

Step 2

The kick pattern is Altered to create a slightly more interesting rhythm. The two New Kicks fall in between the right hands, make sure these are placed accurately.

A double time groove.

Step 3

Add a Crash in line with the kick On The 'a' after count 2. At this point this will involve a bit of quick jumping around with the right hand, this will get tricky at higher tempos so keep your hands relaxed.

A double time groove.

Step 4

To make the accented crash a little easier to place, remove the hi hats on the '+' after count 2 and count three which are the two immediately before and after the crash. As well as making the movement between hi hats and crashes a little easier, it will also allow you to put a little more force into the crash stroke making it stand out a little more. This completes the basic version of the groove, the next four examples all explore variations.

A double time groove.