Grooves Menu (Level 0)

In the lessons below you will be covering the basics of playing grooves. This series of lessons is aimed at a beginner who hasn't done much work on this area before however, more advanced players may find it useful for filling in some gaps in there knowledge.

These lessons focus on teaching you how to play some simple, but great sounding patterns that are used in a lot of our sheet music. This will give you a strong foundation for progressing on to more advanced concepts. In each plesson I will discuss the theory behind what you are learning, so not only will you be able to play the parts, you will have a good theoretical understanding of why you are playing the parts.

Grooves can be very demanding on your co ordination and independence and you may struggle with some of these exercises. Whatever you do, don't skip any parts you find difficult. Just be patient and practice the part over and over as slowly as you need, eventually you will perfect it. By doing this you will be removing a flaw in your drumming, and many other aspects of your playing will benefit from this. If you move on and ignore exercises that give you grief, the problems will remain to be dealt with later down the line.