6/4 Grooves

A introduction to playing grooves in the time signature of 6/4.

Make sure you've read through our lesson on Time Signatures before working through this lesson.

6/4 is generally a Simple time signature that is the equivalent to a bar and a half of 4/4. It is counted '1 2 3 4 5 6' with the same rules as 4/4 for adding quavers and semi quavers.

Listed below are several examples of 6/4 grooves, note the similarity to 4/4.

Example 1

A 6/4 groove

Example 2

A 6/4 groove

Example 3

A 6/4 groove

Example 4

A half time 6/4 groove.

A 6/4 groove

Example 5

A double time 6/4 groove.

A 6/4 groove

Example 6

A 6/4 groove


  • Learn the grooves above up to a tempo of at least 130bpm.
  • Think about fill construction in 6/4.
  • Create some 4 bar phrases in 6/4. For now, use three bars of a groove followed by one bar of a different groove.