'+ a 1' Crash Placement Fill In 6/4

A fill idea using three sixteenth note crashes in a row across two bars.

In this lesson I will be presenting a crash placement fill within the time signature of 6/4. A similar idea has been applied in 4/4 but, because of the time signature, this will feel very different. I have given a link to this original lesson at the bottom of the page as you may find it useful. To create this fill idea you will just place crashes on the '+ a' after count 6 then on the '1' of the following bar. The idea is that this will be placed in the second, fourth or eighth bar with in a phrase to add some musical punctuation in the form of a subtle fill. That crash placement looks like this:

The placement of crashes in this fill concept.

You can then just fill in the empty spaces with any groove of your choice. You could even add some extra kicks, snares or ghost notes around the crashes as additional decoration.

Listed below are four examples of this concept with groove applied. Use these as a starting point to create your own crash fills. At the very bottom of the page you will find a list of links to other lessons that maybe helpful when learning this part.

Example 1

A 6/4 crash placement fill.

Example 2

A 6/4 crash placement fill.

Example 3

A 6/4 crash placement fill.

Example 4

A 6/4 crash placement fill.


  • Learn all examples up to a tempo of at least 140bpm.
  • Combine different construction ideas to create a wide variety of fills.
  • Add each example into one of the structures we have covered previously.