'1234' Exercise

An exercise that moves through various note values.

Before Starting this exercise make sure you have covered the Single Stroke Roll and Single Stroke Triplet.

In this exercise you are going to use four different note values and play a bars worth of each. You start with a bar of crotchets, followed by a bar of quavers, then a bar of eighth note triplets and finally a bar of semi quavers. I've called this the '1234' Exercise as if refers to what you divide each crotchet beat up into in each bar. In the first bar you play one note for each count, the second two notes for each count and so on.

This is a great exercise for learning how the different note values relate to each other. Don't forget to practice to a metronome and always keep an eye on your technique. Use a single stroke roll sticking throughout the whole exercise.

The '1234' Exercise

The '1234' Exercise
  1. Learn the exercise up to a tempo of at least 120bpm.

If you are struggling with this exercise break it down into smaller segments. Practice switching between the first two bars until you are comfortable, then add the third. If the third bar is throwing you off just practice the second and third bar. Repeat this process until you can put the whole exercise together.