Groove Development: 22-06-2021 (Offbeat 16th Right Hand)

Building a groove with an unusual right hand part.

In this lesson you will be learning a one bar pattern in 4/4 that uses an unusual right hand part that only plays on the 'e' and 'a' counts. This is built up over seven steps where a new element is added tto the part in each step. A link to the original lesson on the concept applied is provided where appropriate for each step, it would be worth sidetracking and working through these lessons if you get stuck or don't understand a particular step.

It is very important that you can play the step you are on comfortably before moving on as any parts you get stuck on are going to appear in all subsequent steps. This is particularly important in the second step where the right hand rhythm is fully introduced.

You can download a version of this lesson in PDF format. In this pack you also get a short example piece using the final groove as a basis along with audio files in MP3 format of all drum parts. This also includes a drumless version of the backing track for you to play a long to. On top of all of that all exercises have counting included, two extra modifications are made to the groove and all new changes to the groove are highlighted in red. You can purchase this for just $2 by clicking the button below.

NOTE that the file size of this pack is 14.1MB.

Step 1

Start out with a whole bunch of eighth notes. The kick and right hand all play constant eighths, make sure these line up accurately. Snares then play a back beat with the left hand on the standard common time 2 and 4 counts.

Creating an interesting right hand part

Step 2

Shift all the right hands over a sixteenth note, so they fall on 'e' and 'a' counts. This is an unusual rhythm, spend some time making sure they fall exactly on in between those kick notes.

Creating an interesting right hand part

Step 3

Add a snare on the 'e' after count 3. In most grooves you would expect this to fall between hi hats but in this case you end up with both hands playing together.

Creating an interesting right hand part

Step 4

Open The Hi Hats on the 'a' after count 1 and the 'e' after count 3. These will be shut on the count the follow, giving them a barked feel.

Creating an interesting right hand part

Step 5

Double the sixteenth note hats on the 'e' counts after 1 and 4 to single stroke Thirty Seconds. The timing of these can be difficult to get your head around, the best thing to do if you're unsure is to use the given MP3 for guidance.

Creating an interesting right hand part

Step 6

Add extra thirty seconds on the 'a' after counts 1 and 4, both with the left hand. Again, follow the MP3 if you are unsure of the rhythm.

Creating an interesting right hand part