Groove Development: 16-02-2021 (Switching From 4/4 To 3/4 Using Level 0 Concepts)

A nice introduction to prog style parts switching between two common time signatures.

In this lesson you will be learning a simple two bar groove that switches from 4/4 to 3/4. This is built from level 0 groove construction methods then further embellished with some level 1 concepts. In each step a note is given on the construction method applied, a link to the original lesson of the concept applied is provided where appropriate and any new additions or modifications are marked in red. It would be worth sidetracking and working through these lessons if you either get stuck or don't understand a particular step.

You can also download a version of this lesson in PDF format. In this pack you also get an example piece using the final the groove as a basis, several variations on the fill and audio files in MP3 format of all drum parts. This also includes a drumless version of the backing track for you to play a long to. You can purchase this for just $2 by clicking the button below.

NOTE that the file size of this pack is 14.5MB.

Step 1

You will start out with a very simple Level 0 part where the right hand plays eighth notes on the ride. Notice that the second bar has a quarter note cut off the 4/4 part, this is a common theme through all steps.

Developing a simple groove.

Step 2

Add Kicks on the first '+' count in each bar.

Developing a simple groove.

Step 3

Add Another Kick on the second '+' count in each bar.

Developing a simple groove.

Step 4

Switch the ride that falls with the snare drums To A Crash to further emphasise the back beat. I have written this on the right hand crash as it involves less movement from the ride but any cymbal will work.

Developing a simple groove.