Inverted Paradiddle Groove

Build some 16 beat style grooves using the inverted paradiddle as a basis rather than a single stroke roll.

In this lesson you will be creating some patterns similar to the 16 beat. The difference this time is that the basis of the groove will now be an inverted paradiddle rather than a single stroke roll and the hands will be split between the ride cymbal and hi hat. A similar idea has been applied using the standard paradiddle and you can find links to these lessons at the bottom of the page. In later lessons you will be creating more complex versions of this groove by adding in additional snares, accents and alternating the orchestration. For now the intention is to improve your inverted paradiddles whilst creating a cool, useable pattern.

The start point for these patterns will involve placing the right hand on the ride and the left on the hi hat. You will then play an inverted paradiddle sticking. That looks like this:

The cymbal part for this groove idea

Spend a moment familiarizing yourself with the movement. The next step will be to add the back beat snares on the two and four count, like this:

Adding snares to the groove.

Through the rest of the page I will show a few examples of simple kick placement under this hand pattern. In all steps make sure each kick lines up with the appropriate hand.

Example 1

Adding kicks to the groove.

Example 2

Adding kicks to the groove.

Example 3

Adding kicks to the groove.

Example 4

Adding kicks to the groove.

Example 5

Adding kicks to the groove.


  • Learn the 5 grooves given above. Aim for a tempo of around 120bpm.
  • Experiment with varying the orchestration.