16th To 32nd Singles Hand Speed Exercise With 32nds In The Middle

Develop your hand speed and stamina using 16th notes, 32nd notes and a single stroke sticking.

In this lesson you will be learning another exercise for pushing your hand speed and stamina. These exercises involve playing groups of 16th notes followed by groups of 32nd notes and using the two minute rule to work on building up the tempo. The patterns will be similar to lower level exercises in switching note values but the speed the notes are played at will be drastically increased. If you practice these exercises often you will quickly notice an improvement in the speed of your hands.

Remember at all times to make sure your notes are all clear and even whilst using proper hand technique. Don't let the left hand play softer than the right and keep your hands in the optimal playing position..

Exercise 1

This is the exercise played at half speed, the purpose of which is to get you familiar with the movement used. Note that the right hand plays on all eighth notes and the 'a' and 'e' counts are filled in with the left. That run of right hands is what makes this a great hand stamina exercise.

16th Note to 32nd Note hand speed exercise.

Exercise 2

This is the part at full speed, make sure all notes are played at an even dynamic level.

16th Note to 32nd Note hand speed exercise.

Exercise 3

In this version the sticking has been reversed, this will really help develop strength and stamina in the left hand.

16th Note to 32nd Note hand speed exercise.


  • Using the 2 minute rule, aim to get the exercises up to a tempo of around 110bpm.
  • Experiment with different lengths to further improve your hand speed.
  • Add feet to the part.