Free Samples Of Premium Lesson Content

Samples of our premium lesson content are now available on the Free Samples page. There are currently two sets of exercises: Groove Development and Rudiment Workouts, both of which provide in depth content to improve multiple aspects of your playing.

Groove Development lessons focus on your ability to both play and create interesting groove patterns. A beat is built up in a step by step process with the part getting more difficult as you progress. Notes given at each stage to explain exactly what is happening and links to other lessons that will help your understand the part better are provided. This allows you to both learn the parts as given and to create your own patterns using the ideas presented. MP3 files are supplied of all given examples and a short piece of music is also included to show you how to apply the part practically.

Rudiment Workout lessons are more focused on the technical side of playing and always start with a rudiment played on this snare. This start pattern then has accents and feet added and is finally orchestrated. Some really difficult and complex patterns are created that are great for improving your speed, stamina, independance and co-ordination. Again, MP3 files are provided of all parts.

New content for these topics is added on Tuesdays and Fridays.