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Check out the Lessons menu to view our collection of Free Online Drum Lessons. Here you will find resources and articles to both develop your playing and help with reading our drum sheet music. New content is constantly being added so check back regularly.

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Lesson content has now been optimized for printing, which means that if you do want our lesson content on paper it will now fill up less pages. Most devices will now also give you the option of saving as PDF when printing so you can save your favourite exercise for offline use.

You can find our huge selection of free online drum lessons here

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Hope you all had a great holiday season and have been avoiding the worst of the pandemic. To keep you drumming through the new year we will be offering 50% off across the whole site across January 1st and 2nd. All the best for the new year!

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There will be 25% off accross the whole site starting at 7am on black Friday through to 7am the next morning. This includes all premium lesson content so take the chance to try out so of these fantastic packs for a really low price.

Free Samples Of Premium Lesson Content

Samples of our premium lesson content are now available on the Free Samples page. There are currently two sets of exercises: Groove Development and Rudiment Workouts, both of which provide in depth content to improve multiple aspects of your playing.

Groove Development lessons focus on your ability to both play and create interesting groove patterns. A beat is built up in a step by step process with the part getting more difficult as you progress. Notes given at each stage to explain exactly what is happening and links to other lessons that will help your understand the part better are provided. This allows you to both learn the parts as given and to create your own patterns using the ideas presented. MP3 files are supplied of all given examples and a short piece of music is also included to show you how to apply the part practically.

Rudiment Workout lessons are more focused on the technical side of playing and always start with a rudiment played on this snare. This start pattern then has accents and feet added and is finally orchestrated. Some really difficult and complex patterns are created that are great for improving your speed, stamina, independance and co-ordination. Again, MP3 files are provided of all parts.

New content for these topics is added on Tuesdays and Fridays.

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On December 31st there will be a 30% off sale across the whole site. This will be between 9am(GMT) on the 31st until 9am(GMT) on January 1st.

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and got some much deserved drumming time.

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Just a quick note to let you know what's going on over the 2016 holiday season.

On boxing day we will be offering 50% off across the whole site. This will run from 9am (GMT) on December 26th until 9am December 27th.

In case you miss this we will then be offering 25% off everything on New Years Day. Again that will run from 9am (GMT) on January 1st until 9am on January 2nd.

The requests service is on a break now until January 9th, no orders will be taken until that date.

This Weeks Free Drum Lesson Content - 30th May 2016

This weeks lessons will all be on the topic of using double kick. Every day a new groove or fill construction idea will be added where double kick is used in various different ways. Content will be relatively simple and will only be using eighth and sixteenth notes so should be great for those of you relatively new to this technique who want to learn some cool patterns that aren't overly fast or complicated. That said, if you have been playing double kick for a while there may still be something useful here, especially if you start double tempos.

Here's what's coming up:

  • Monday - Constant 8ths and 16ths in 3/4 grooves
  • Tuesday - Constructing fills with eighth note double kick under straight rolls
  • Wednesday - Galloping '1 +a' double kick grooves
  • Thursday - Constructing fills with sixteenth note double kick under straight rolls
  • Friday - Creating syncopated grooves using blocks of four sixteenth note kicks played over groups of three eighth notes
  • Saturday - One bar fills following a six note 4 Hands - 2 Feet type pattern
  • Sunday - '1e+' Foot ostinato grooves


This Weeks Free Drum Lesson Content - 23rd May 2016

This weeks lessons will all focus on rudiments. Our rudiments section is currently looking a bit sparse and is need of padding out a little so most days this week two lessons will be added. Monday to friday will all have new rudiments that aren't up yet and over next weekend some new orchestrations for existing exercises will go up. Listed below is more detail about what is coming up over this week:

  • Monday - Sticking and Quarter Note Feet exercises for the Inverted Paradiddle
  • Tuesday - Sticking And Quarter Note Feet Exercises for the Standard Triplet
  • Wednesday - Sticking And Quarter Note Feet Exercises for the Single Stroke Five
  • Thursday - Sticking And Quarter Note Feet Exercises for the Double Paradiddle
  • Friday - Sticking And Quarter Note Feet Exercises for the Reverse Triplet
  • Moving Doubles - A Standard Paradiddle Orchestration
  • Groups Of Two In A Single Stroke Triplet - A simple syncopated orchestration of this common rudiment